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Maraschino Liqueur Cocktail: Gin Sunset

I’ve had a draft of a post about a Maraschino Liqueur Cocktail sitting for half a year at this point, but wasn’t able to decide on a good drink recipe to showcase it. While playing around the other night, I finally decided on one.

The Gin Sunset is a simple, sweet, but not too sweet, Maraschino Liqueur Cocktail. It is the perfect happy hour drink for the fall season. We have been enjoying it in the cool, crisp air sitting in the warm sun hence the name.

Without further ado, The Gin Sunset.


Maraschino Liqueur Cocktail: Gin Sunset


  • 2 oz Gin
  • 1/2 oz Maraschino Liqueur
  • 4 oz Blood Orange Soda

Maraschino Liqueur is a really interesting and distinctive fruit/nut liqueur that can really put a good drink over the edge to great. It’s an essential part of a well-stocked bar, as there’s really nothing else like it.

From Wikipedia:

Maraschino (/ˌmærəˈskn/ marr-ə-SKEE-noh) is a liqueur originally from the city of Zadar in Croatia, obtained from the distillation of Marasca cherries. The small, slightly sour fruit of the marasca cherry tree (cerasus acidior), which grows wild along parts of the Dalmatian coast, lends the liqueur its unique aroma.

A post with more detail on Maraschino Liqueur is coming soon, so check back once you’ve made this!



Blood Orange Season!

blood orange cocktail

Blood Orange Cocktail Recipe

My local grocery store has blood oranges, so here’s a blood orange cocktail recipe to celebrate:

We tried it with both Vodka and Gin, and prefered it with Gin. It might be fun to try with a dark Rum as well, be we ran out of oranges. See our previous post taste testing Triple Sec versus Cointreau, and use Triple Sec for a sweeter drink or Cointreau for a cleaner, stronger drink.